Minister Elvan Assesses Investments

Minister Elvan Investments Evaluated: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan said that high-speed train services between Karaman and Konya will start from next year before the end of the project, 2017.

Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan, who came to Karaman to make a series of visits and examinations, met with members of the press at Polisevi and evaluated the transportation investments in Karaman.

Minister Lütfi Elvan stated that these allegations were unfounded after a journalist reminded that with the opening of the high-speed train line between Karaman and Ereğli, the train will continue on its way in Ereğli without stopping. Minister Elvan stated that the high-speed train will reach Ereğli in 2016 and said, “I wonder how and in what way I can slander the work of the ministry, the work done by the government, there are certain segments who are in search of provoking the people against them. Do not rely on any of them. You know, we had the tender for the high-speed train project with Karaman-Ereğli-Ulukış. Therefore, if nothing goes wrong, we will start the construction this year. Our high-speed train will also stop in Ereğli. There is no problem with this. We have also accelerated these projects. Let me express that in particular. Maybe we can open it before 2017. I constantly encourage my friends. In particular, we want contractors to work faster and spend more time, and we see the results of this. As you know, the high-speed train project between Karaman and Konya is more or less close to Çumra. There is very little cut left. Our goal was actually to realize the high-speed train opening between Karaman and Konya in 2016. But we pulled this back a year ago. Hopefully, we will open the high-speed train line between Karaman and Konya in 2015. I hope we will have delivered the high-speed train to Ereğli in 2016, ”he said.

Minister Elvan said about the double road works in progress between Karaman and Ereğli. Çalış By the end of this year, we will reach to Ayrancı. Ayrancı'ya section will be completed. In 2015 we will complete the part between Ayrancı and Ereğli. So in the summer of 2015 I hope you'll have the opportunity to travel from Karaman to Ereğli on the road Dolayısıyla.

Stating that there are many highways projects in Karaman, Minister Elvan emphasized that efforts were made to complete the projects within 2 years. Minister Elvan said, “As of now, we have a project stock of approximately one quadrillion lira with old money. My commitment was that I am still behind it. We will complete all of these projects within two years. Do not have any hesitation and concern about this. No matter which side you look at, the south exit, the east exit, the west exit of Karaman, there is the construction site. There are studies everywhere. This work continues. You know we started the Karaman Ring Road. This year, we will complete the earthworks of the 12-kilometer section. I am giving the date already. Hopefully, we will open this part of the ring road before May 2015. We will start with the rest. On the other hand, I hope we will start the route between Ereğli-Konya road. Of course, we continue to work on him, ”he said.
Minister Elvan said that they will relax the Mersin Mut road exit with the works carried out and said, “We will provide an overpass and exit here. Studies on this continue intensely. You know, that region is a river bed and swamp area. That is why piles of more than 20 meters are being driven, which is an important investment for us. I hope we will relieve the exit to the Mut road. We will have made the exit as a divided road. We complete our divided road works between Karaman and Konya as BSK, that is, a hot mixture. They also started their median work. I especially desire that the middle median of the part from Kazımkarabekir to Karaman be afforested. Another of our works is the Karaman-Bucakkışla-Ermenek road. Our work on this path continues rapidly. As you know, the physical conditions of the Karaman-Bucakkışla-Ermenek route are quite harsh, and it is a very troubled region in terms of geographical conditions. Therefore, in the instructions I gave, I said to my friends, 'We should definitely make a hot mixture here because of the harsh winter conditions in this region. It will be quality asphalt. Our friends went to his tender. Until the end of this year, we will put this road into service, passing Bucakkışla a few kilometers. As you know the route between Mut and Ermenek, the road standard was very low there too. It was a very difficult road. By the end of this year, we will complete the entire 45-kilometer section with a wide road as a complete hot mix. The tender for the part up to Ermenek was also held. "The remaining part will be completed next year," he said.

Minister Elvan stated that there is a problem caused by the contractor on the road between Sarıveliler and Kuşyuvası and that they are trying to eliminate this trouble and said, “We are continuing the construction of the road between Sarıveliler and Çay. Again, the tunnels in Bird's Nest are about to end. Two large tunnels will be finished this month. We will start passing through these tunnels, one of which is 1.4 long and one is 600 meters long, at the end of this month. We will probably pass through the other three tunnels by the end of September. Another good news is that we finished the project of the road between Kuşyuvası and Mahmutlar. We will also build a 12 meter wide path in a net stand. Especially in mountainous areas, we have to do this integrated hot asphalt work. Another important project of ours is Eiste Creek. This is about a 4-kilometer route. We curl up and there are particularly sharp bends there. We cross there with a 500-meter viaduct and the road will be shortened by approximately 4 kilometers. Project work on him continues. The part up to Sertavul was tendered as an integral hot mixture. There is a section where vehicles stay on the road, especially in winter. You know that part too. We are working on a viaduct and a tunnel in the area where this uncle's fountain is located. Therefore, no vehicle will stay on the road while passing Sertavul. As of the end of December, we will be bidding for both a viaduct and a tunnel. We will also solve the problem in that region, ”he said.

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