Karaman municipality 5 poured 55 thousand tons of asphalt per month

Karaman municipality 5 poured a thousand tonnes of asphalt in a month: Karaman Municipality, 55 thousand tons of asphalt has been poured in the month of the month.
While Karamаn Municipality Science Works teams are starting cold asphalt works in Yenişehir District, they continue their pavement and road construction works in Cumhuriyet District, Başakşehir, Alacasuluk and Yеni Neighborhood at full speed. Mayor Ertuğrul Çalışkan, who said that as a municipality, has realized 5 thousand tons of asphalt pavement in 55 months, 'With the start of the asphalt season, 10 thousand tons of cold asphalt and 45 thousand tons of hot asphalt were laid in the regions where we plan. Our road works are not just asphalt. In addition, we built 40 thousand square meters of pavement and pavement and 10 thousand square meters of paving road. Our work continues to make our citizens more comfortable and live in a peaceful environment. On the one hand, while hot asphalt crews continue to work, on the other hand, cold asphalt and pavement trades continue to work quickly. It makes us happy to serve our Karaman, 'he said.

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