Istanbul-Adapazari commuter trains will start flights before New Year

Istanbul-Adapazarı suburban trains will start flights before the New Year: Science, Industry and Technology Minister Fikri Işık said at a press conference that commuter trains will start flights before the New Year.

Minister Fikri Işık gave information about transportation projects that concern Kocaeli in the press conference. Light on the commuter train to work in the Adapazari-Istanbul-Adapazarı said that light continues to work, a suburban line will make a mutual 8 trip a day, at least 1000 passenger trains will work, he said, "commuter train service will start before the new year," he said.

Minister Işık, the North Marmara Motorway will be auctioned this month, the Black Sea coast will be built for the tender preparations for the road to Kaynarca-Agva said. Işık stated that the İzmit-Kandıra road would be the double way and that the project was continuing. Fikri Işık said: X The South Motorway will be auctioned at 2015. Our city will be surrounded by new road networks in a few years. We started double road works for Old Istanbul Road. The highway will be exited deeply. Derince Port will be connected to the highway. D-100 will be built on the 4 new bridged intersection. Cengiz Topel also makes efforts to make the airport operational.

Minister Fikri Işık, health investments in the last part of the explanations, Kocaeli State Hospital will be delayed for a new building signaled a little delay. Fikri Işık said: Şehir City Hospital project at the ammunition was changed. The project is completed. We expect the contractor firm to start building construction soon. Difficulties arose in the project about the new building of Kocaeli State Hospital. The project was revised. Sometimes a negligence, an engineer's fault, can keep the big city waiting. The foundation for the new building of Kocaeli State Hospital will be laid soon. I am against housing construction in the area evacuated by the deeply military hospital. Yet, the Ministry of National Defense did not agree with TOKI. We want a large health center in this area. Biz




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