How many passengers carried high-speed trains on 5

On the 5 day, how many passengers carried the high-speed trains during the holidays: On 5 day, high-speed trains (YHTs) carried 54 thousand passengers during the holiday. 25 All tickets of the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train, which opened in July and announced to be free of charge for the 1 week, are out of the first day. Ankara-Istanbul YHT with 24 thousand 156 people traveled during the holidays. On the other hand, the number of passengers carrying TCDD during the holiday reached 1,3 million.

High speed trains (YHT) from Ankara, Istanbul, Eskişehir and Konya and Eskişehir to Konya carried the 54 bin 98 passengers during the holidays. 25 1 opened in July, announced that the week will be free of all the tickets to Ankara-Istanbul YHT run out of the first day. Ankara-Istanbul YHT with 24 thousand 156 people traveled during the festival holiday. 26-30 32 11 732 5 56 15 464 16 2 746 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX While XNUMX flights were organized during the XNUMX day holiday in Ankara-Konya line, HRCs carried XNUMX thousand XNUMX passengers on this line. XNUMX, which was organized between Eskişehir and Konya, preferred the YHTs for the trip.

Ankara-Istanbul YHT'ler expired, overflowed

Ankara-Istanbul YHT'ye you did not fall on the ground. Citizens, 27 showed great interest in the first Sunday of July YHT'ler made. On this line, all free tickets until the 3 August Sunday are out of the first day. Even 12 daily 4 daily 48 expedition carried out a total 24 expedition, even 156 thousand 4 passengers moved in total. Thus, 152 passenger 54 passenger 98 passenger XNUMX travel on XNUMX YHT.

50 thousand passenger destination per day

Ankara-Istanbul YHT'nin began the day of Ankara Gar'un citizens met with the General Director of TCDD Suleyman Karaman, the free voyages and the first expedition to come during the holiday period, the attention was noted that the demand increased. Some citizens to get tickets before the 1 to come to the bus and the queue waiting to express that Karaman, despite excessive intensity and long queues, said he had received positive responses from the citizens interviewed. Karaman, the only complaint they receive is a ticket shortage, Ankara-Istanbul YHT line in the first place in the 5 thousand passengers in the first place they plan to carry said that they aim to remove this number 50 thousand later in the period expressed.

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