Castrol Ford Team Turkey is ready to Bosphorus Rally

Castrol Ford Team Turkey is ready to Bosphorus Rally: Türkiye'ninkökl racing teams in the Castrol Ford Team Turkey, will be held on 15-17 August AVIS Rallisi'nde Bosphorus is preparing to take to the trails with good results targets.
According to Ford releases, Turkey is both the oldest and also one of the largest international sports organizations Bosphorus Rally 1,4 coefficient points that the European Rally Cup to be held in Istanbul as a race of the calendar numbered days prior to the championship leader Castrol Ford Team he completed the Türkiyehazırlık.
Castrol Ford Team Turkey, 15-17 August between AVIS Bosphorus Rally as the race last year, will be held in the name of victory, leaving behind targets both domestic and foreign teams.
2014 Turkey is still continuing its leadership in the Castrol Ford Team Turkey Rally Championship, Bosphorus Rally AVIS two and three Ford Fiesta S2000 Ford Fiesta attended by R2.
While the service area of ​​the AVIS Bosphorus Rally, which consists of 12 special stages in the Anatolian side of Istanbul and Kocaeli within the provincial borders of Kocaeli, the AVIS Bosphorus Rally will be established on the Pendik coastal road, and the start and end ceremonies of the race will be held in Pendik Atatürk Square.
At the same time, AVIS Bosphorus Rally, which gave points to the Turkish Rally Championship with a coefficient of 1,4, was completed last year. kazanCastrol Ford Team Turkey pilot Orhan Avcıoğlu said, “We can say that both our excitement and preparations are at their peak. Bosphorus Rally, Turkey's largest and deep-rooted motorsports organization, has the feature of being 50 percent longer than the other races in the Turkish Championship calendar. Therefore, a more challenging race awaits us both physically and for the car.”
Two day-long Bosphorus Rally's driving style as the average speed is high and clean floors have striking stage Avcıoğlu, expressed their desire to consolidate its results with full motivation leadership in Turkey Championship as a team.
"We want to be able to leave Europe's and the world's leading rally pilots behind in our own home," Avcıoğlu made a statement.


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