BUDO Emir Sultan ferry events are being investigated (Video)

The events on the BUDO Emir Sultan ferry are being investigated: BURULAŞ General Manager Levent Fidansoy met with members of the press at BUDO Mudanya Pier and said that the reasons of the incidents that took place on the Emir Sultan sea bus, which departed from Mudanya to Istanbul at 18.45:XNUMX, were investigated.

BURULAŞ General Manager Levent Fidansoy, yesterday at 18.45 Bursa Mudanya BUDO Pier from Istanbul to the Istanbul Sea Bus Operations (BUDO) Emir Sultan ship Armutlu near the explosion of glass and made a statement about what happened. Fidansoy, who came together with members of the press at BUDO Mudanya Pier, talked about the experiences with Machinery Inspector Erol Kaymak and Deck Inspector Mehmet Şahin.

Cam More durable than aircraft glass dayanıklı
Following the inspection of BUDO's Emir Sultan ship, 17 stated that the city was moving from Bursa to Istanbul on August Sunday. Ti After moving from Mudanya in the Emir Sultan ship 18.45, Xantim X had an unknown reason near Armutlu on 19.32. burst. The explosion in the window of this ship, which is the production of Dutch Daimen, one of the best manufacturers in the world, is very surprising. Because this glass is more durable and stronger than the windows of the aircraft. Why the glass exploded yet, but it can not be determined, "he said.

Sürpriz Bad surprise of the sea “
Fidansoy, stating that the cause of the incident was investigated, land Exploding this glass, but the planks and so on. it is a situation that can be experienced by the shock of an object. We are focusing on this, we are investigating the incident. This kind of situation can be experienced due to sudden changes in the Sea of ​​Marmara. We can say that this event is definitely a bad surprise of the Sea of ​​Marmara. Because, as you know, the first hose in the history of Istanbul took place in the last weeks and this hose has caused great damage in the Golden Horn Shipyard. The situation we live in is still open to surprises, but still the glass should not explode. We are investigating the causes Neden.
Fidansoy, who showed the pieces of broken glass to the press, said, ücü When I experienced this sad event, I met with Daimen's sales manager. They were surprised and said that such an event had not happened before in the company's history. Onlar

Hız The source of the event is not speed “
Fidansoy, noting that the event has nothing to do with speed, N In the literature, the sea-speed standard in stagnant water 28 mil, in the undulating water 10 - 15 miler. At the time of the incident, the speed of the BUDO Emir Sultan was determined as 12 - 13 miles. In other words, there is no negativity caused by speed, Yani he said.

The youngest ship in Turkey
Once repaired the ship's broken glass Fidansoy stating that it would start time, 2008 models of Emir Sultan ship stating that the youngest ship in Turkey purchased from Hong Kong, while the next youngest ship recalled that 2007 model.

”What happened in mob“
Fidansoy recalled that there were those injured during the incident. Tersine When the sea conditions suddenly reversed, the passengers panicked, and two people tried to wear life vests at the time. Normally life vests must be worn with instructions when evacuating the ship. On board the passengers were battered trying to wear life vests with panic and injuries occurred when the glass exploded. Gem

De A BUDO ship was stranded at Avsa “
After the return of the Emir Sultan ferry to Mudanya, he pointed out that the ship Hamdi Karahasan coming from Buyukada after the 15 minute and then the Uludag ship reached Mudanya Pier without any problems. Fidansoy said the weather conditions are very bad, today BUDO and IDO did not make any voyage, recalling another ship belonging to BUDO also stranded in Avsa because of bad weather conditions, he added.



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