Roof Arrangement for Boztepe Cable Car

Boztepe Teleferik Roof Arrangement: Ordu Altinordu District Mayor of the AK Party Engin Tekintaş, 510 altitude Boztepe with access to the city's tourism potential increased by drawing the cable car, Tek Unfortunately, the city's rooftops with the construction of the cable car was understood the ugly construction.

Altinordu District Mayor of the Army of the AK Party Engin Tekintaş, 510 altitude Boztepe with the access to the cable grove to increase the tourism potential of the city, said: t Unfortunately, with the construction of the cable car in the city's ugly building on the roof was understood. We will change the visuality of buildings with a single roof and create a social texture, and we will increase our potential in tourism değiştir.

In order to facilitate access to Boztepe with an elevation of 510 from the city center, the cable car which was built with 3 million pounds 9 years ago contributes greatly to the promotion of the city. 260 18 3 2 300 XNUMX Thousand XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX

Altinordu County Mayor Engin Tekintaş, Army Metropolitan Municipality in the district established by the ropeway with the ugly building in the roofs, and this also expressed sadness. Mayor Tekintaş said, al In this city, there is a topic that we don't give importance to or give importance to. There is really a ropeway that adds a lot of visuality to the city's promotion, makes an economic contribution and makes transportation very different. When you look to the left side of the lift, there are images of roofs that are ugly, which we believe are not really taken care of. We also started the activity to eliminate this ugly roof image. Bu

Tekintaş also stated that the roofs on the cable car route will be reviewed one by one and that the line will be scanned, and that they will give importance to visuality for the identity of the city. As we mentioned, the advantages of the visual quality of the roofs at the prominent points declared as a tourism region. There are other examples in other places. We want to do superficial work from the top table. We are preparing for this. We will find the building owners, fulfill our warnings and fix the roof and create a social texture. When we provide this visuality, I believe that all our guests who came from outside the province who travel by cable car in Ordu will be more interested and invited to see this beautiful table. We are also doing a significant activity related to the outer surface of buildings. Here, too, our goal is not to stay in a building that is not plastered and unpainted. Burada