90 Discount on K Certificate

In the 90 Percent Discount Certificate K: Bingol Drivers and Vehicle Chamber President Ali Bayram, hailed a truck removed from the 90 percent of the sale amount of the authorization certificates issued to transport.
Bayram, the D-4 type authorization documents for the implementation of a reduction in the initiatives, he said.
Victimization by providing the discount greatly Day stating that fixed, Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry of freight that pickup truck by taking compulsory K1 Ministry and Turkey Drivers and Vehicle relating to the transportation of cargo that kamyonetç the victim edilmeme trades of K2 authorization fee Federation officials of the presidential room on the eyes 90 25 dated 2014 date and 29071 dated XNUMX discount application of XNUMX discount on document fees as a result of their attempts.
Of xnumx'inc of subsection xnumx'ünc Article of the Regulation and c stated that in paragraphs Situated discount document retrieval in so 13 ratio of the percent 8 enacted Day, only with trucks urban transport do to K75 and K90 the authorization of credit certification fee so xnumx'lık discounts to be implemented.
1 thousand 17 pounds instead of 594 pounds for the authorization of K760 pounds to make city transportation with lorries, K2 for the certificate of authorization 8 thousand 796 pounds instead of a thousand 880 pounds that will be paid Bayram, also with plate and D plate minibuses must take the type of D4 said the government ministry is continuing its initiatives for a reduced price application.



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