3rd bridge equals 25 skyscrapers

The 3rd bridge is equal to 25 skyscrapers: Istanbul's 3rd Bridge project is rising rapidly. “We are doing the equivalent of building 25 skyscrapers,” said Uyar, the Director of the Northern Marmara Motorway Project.
The 3rd Bridge is a build-operate-transfer project. bridge the gaze of the world, one of the objectives of development projects in Turkey. İsmail Uyar, the new Director of the Northern Marmara Motorway Project, said that the project is full of the most. Uyar said, “It is a great chance for new engineers as well as for everyone who has signed on the 3rd Bridge Project. In this project, we use the equivalent of 25 skyscrapers. As ICA, we pay utmost attention to the high quality of work and occupational safety of this project and its environmental awareness. This project will now offer up to date and contribute to the future of Turkey before everything high importance. We are working hard for this and we want to leave a golden signature to future generations ”.
Indicating that they have built the world's highest bridge and connection roads, Uyar said, “We are doing a job full of the most. "There is another thing that is 'the most' here. We have a construction period of 30 months here," he said. Noting that they are trying to make the work flawless and fast by sharing the work part in the project in the form of 'divide-divide-manage', Uyar said, “There is 2.5 million cubic meters of concrete casting. In simple terms, we call it skyscrapers, 45-50-story skyscrapers take roughly 50 to 100 cubic meters of concrete. The total of our business is 2.5 million cubic meters. "We are building at least 25 average skyscrapers," he said.
Engineering will leave a mark on history
Stating that it is a source of pride to leave a mark on history, İsmail Uyar, Director of the Northern Marmara Motorway Project, said, “In such a project, saying 'I coordinated this work and did it' is a very important thing. As engineers, we leave a mark on the past with what we do. For example, when I cross this bridge and the highway 20 years later, we can say 'I built this bridge, it has been intact for 20 years'. I would like to say that ”he said.

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