3 meters in the towers of the 20 third bridge

3 meters in towers of the 20 bridge: The towers of Istanbul's third bridge, Yavuz Sultan Selim, are completed next week. 320 meter of towers will be height 300 meter completed. The four towers on both feet were connected by beams. Construction Director Osman Sarı, who stated that the viaduct constructions on the bridge road was continuing at the same time, gave the following information: The vast majority of them will weigh 360 meters long 24 tons.
Some parts of the bridge are made abroad. Steel, made in South Korea, was brought to Turkey. Now, in Tuzla, Gebze and Yalova Altınova, these decks are united. The assembly areas of the decks are ready. 12 meters long, 6 is assembled into meters wide panels. All of the floors will consist of 59 parts. In the area where both feet of the bridge are located, the works are completed and the tables will be placed. The floors will come to the beach by ship.
It will be lifted with special cranes and hanged from the ship on the bridge ropes. We're going to hang them one by one near the tower. We think of the arrival date of the first deck as the end of August. That piece will be the 4.5 meter. These will be the closest parts to these bridge towers. These decks will be placed at the end of the bridge towers on the two sides. The 2015 bin 5 worker is working on the basis of three shifts. The construction of the bridge in May last year, said the construction of the bridge went faster than planned.

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