3. breathtaking drill on the bridge

📩 30/11/2018 16:58

  1. Breathtaking exercise on the bridge: A fire and first aid drill was held in the giant towers of the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which is under construction in Istanbul. While the fire that broke out within the scope of the scenario was extinguished in the 260th meter of the giant towers of the bridge, the injured personnel were taken down in 9 minutes with a rescue basket.

While the third bridge and the Northern Marmara Motorway Project work continues rapidly, security exercises are also being carried out. A fire and first aid drill was held in order to recognize the safety of the project and possible threats and take precautions. The place of the exercise was on the 260th meter of the bridge's giant towers. According to the exercise scenario, a fire broke out in the bridge towers. A worker who was injured during the fire within the scope of the scenario was also rescued in a rescue basket and taken to hospital.

Making a statement about the exercise, the 3rd Bridge Project European Side Occupational Safety Supervisor, Mexut Alev, said, “There had to be a fire on the top platform of the North Tower and an accident under 2 floors. We trained the teams and then it was implemented. First, the simulated fire started, one person had a simulated accident during the fire. The person whose leg was broken had to be saved. Our friend asked for help from the rescue team with a radio announcement. Our ambulance was prepared and took its required position. With the rescue basket, the person whose leg was broken while escaping during the fire was lowered with the help of the first aid team. In the meantime, our colleagues in charge of the tower, workers from a height of 260 meters were evacuated in a healthy way. The friend whose leg was broken took 9 minutes to download. The exercise continued for about 15 minutes. Technical staff submitted their activity reports.

“We obtained positive results from our evaluation after the exercise”. Alev said, “Actually, as our job is within the scope of 'very dangerous' works, we have to make drills once a year according to the regulation. However, due to the width of the project area and the importance of its content on the 1rd Bridge, we want to practice more frequently and prevent possible problems by noticing them from the beginning ”. Hyundai Health, Safety and Environment Manager Kim Yeong Tae stated that such exercises are carried out in order to be prepared for risks and said, “Scenarios are prepared by planning and they are carried out in order to prevent possible problems within the scope of these scenarios”.

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