2023 Year Road Transportation Targets Too Large

2023 Road Transport Goals Extra Large Association of Turkey Asphalt Contractors (ASMÜD) President Ayberk Ozcan, the government's 2023 road transport target it to be too big, "ensuring timely sufficient appropriations to reach these goals is of great importance" made the assessment.
Ozcan, in a written statement made by Turkey to the development of the asphalt industry, the sector with the General Directorate of Highways stated that employers projects and determine the amount of funds allocated for this project.
Ozcan said that 25 million tons of hot mix asphalt has been used for highways last year.
“In addition to highways, 15 million tons of asphalt has been used on city roads in the last two years. As a result of the road and asphalt investments made by the municipalities, approximately 16 million tons of asphalt was produced last year. After 2010, a total of approximately 40 million tons of asphalt was used annually, including city roads, highways and village roads. In 2013, the amount of investments on the highways, where large investments have been made, reached 12 billion liras.
The importance given to road transport in Turkey and increased the quality of roads as a result of an increase in investment, the use of high performance asphalt mixture in duplicate. The sector has made significant improvements in terms of both technical and equipment. When the middle of 2014 was passed, the sector was almost completely sluggish except for the highway and bridge projects that were tendered with the Build-Operate-Transfer model and only the remaining receivables from 2013 could be paid. As every year this year, the low level of investment allowances per year, unpaid progress payments from the previous year make it possible to provide additional funds. ”
2014 in the 836 investment program on the 850 mileage road, 2 mileage single-platform road construction in the 759 XNUMX a bituminous hot mix will be done on the road that attracts attention Özcan, the sector to provide adequate allowance as soon as possible, but the most intense work in the period of appropriations can not meet the expectations, he said.
Ozcan, this investment program within the scope of the asphalt tonnage increase is not expected, with the existing facilities in the last year's production of hot mix asphalt production will be a success, he said.



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