Yüksekova road construction work

Yüksekova road construction work: The road expansion and construction works started by Yüksekova Municipality of Hakkari continue.
Yüksekova Municipality Development and Urbanization Directorate and Support Services Directorate is continuing to open new road and expansion works are continuing. Studies were started on the roads determined by the zoning commission and included in the program. today, Esentepe Mahallesi'nin connecting to the neighborhood of the neighborhood and before the work began to expand the road of the 3 meter wide. The 750 meter-long road was expanded to 10 meters.
Hüsnü Beşer, Co-Vice President of Yüksekova Municipality, who followed the works on the spot and exchanged ideas with the residents, said, alışveriş Our road works continue uninterruptedly. The development commission established by our municipality meets with the headmen of the neighborhood and makes observations. Then, they start the works on the roads that they determined later. Today, we have started the expansion of the road where even a vehicle is difficult. I would like to thank our citizens who supported us with their sensibilities on behalf of our municipality. Bize



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