4 in High Speed ​​Train until August

High-speed train travel, almost 'off box office' is playing. High Speed ​​Train, which is free for the first week, is experiencing great intensity. Izmit also tries to remove the pain of the past days with their journey to YHT. High Speed ​​Train from Izmit to Eskisehir and Ankara until the 4 August Monday until a single empty seats, the new ticket can not be given said.

Izmit Station officials, High-Speed ​​Train from Izmit in two directions, the average 200 passengers a day traveled. The most traveled direction was towards Istanbul Pendik station. In the meantime, due to the large intensity due to the Ramadan holiday, a train from Ankara direction 19.12'de Arifiye station at the time of the station was set a stop.

High Speed ​​Train with the opportunity to visit the good of the Izmit, free tickets were distributed at the box office. Those who travel free to Eskişehir or Ankara will also use this transportation vehicle for the return of the festival. 4 from Izmit Railway Station will also start selling tickets at a fee starting from August Monday. TCDD officials, YHT voyages related to the program after sitting, announced that the sale of tickets on the internet will begin.

Izmit Railway Station is near 3 year. Deep silence broke down with High Speed ​​Train, which started a while ago. In YHT, 3 does not have a single seat for all flights, all the way to August. Families who prefer to travel with YHT, now waiting for the train in Izmit Station waiting seats.


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