Time Pressure Too Dangerous for YHT

Additional flights to Istanbul Ankara Yht line due to Eid
Additional flights to Istanbul Ankara Yht line due to Eid

Time pressure is very dangerous: High Speed ​​Train (YHT) between Ankara and Istanbul would start its first voyage in October of last year. The line was planned to be opened in October with Marmaray; but the preparations could not be completed. After several different dates were declared more, but the shortcomings could not be resolved again. First it was called edil 29 July X, now the 5 July date is pronounced. TCDD wants to finish the delayed project immediately and make the opening before the presidential election; on the other hand, some technical issues cannot be solved yet. The previous day, YHT'in Gebze near the test was an accident. I will say; If you need 11 year for the line we expect, let's wait for 50 months. It is known that the AK Party prioritizes the railways and makes significant investments in this regard. There's no point in forcing the technical conditions to prove something. Let's not start carrying passengers without sure that safety risks are completely eliminated.

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