Darca divided into two due to YHT line

Due to the YHT line, Darıca was divided into two: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality built a tunnel under the railway to cross the High Speed ​​Train route in Danish. As a result of the work carried out due to the railway separating Okul Avenue and Topçular Avenue, the two streets were connected to each other by tunnels. The vehicles will now provide transportation through the tunnel, passing the railroad from below. The railway section of the tunnel, whose walls were reinforced with bored piling works, was excavated and emptied. Previously, there was room for the underpass in the street section during the railway construction. This area was reached by excavation and a tunnel was created under the railway. In the 230-meter-wide project, the tunnel width was 7 meters. The project, which has a road width of 4 meters, has a sidewalk width of one and a half meters.


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