Asphalt work in Yakutiye

📩 24/12/2018 16:39

Yakutiye asphalt work: Yakutiye Municipality teams, districts within the boundaries of various neighborhoods and streets patch, asphalt, tile, curb and pavement work continues.
Mayor Ali Korkut, who studies the site on-site, said the paving work continues within the framework of the program.
Expressing that Yakutiye Municipality works on damaged roads and sidewalks within the boundaries of the district, Korkut said, “Our routine services in the district boundaries every year. If it saves the damaged asphalt due to various reasons, we do it by patching or throwing zero. We will do asphalt works in various districts throughout the year. We have had asphalt works in Şükrü Paşa, Terminal and Sanayi neighborhoods in the last 1 month. It will continue with new ones ”.
Korkut stated that, with the new arrangement, they will carry out road works in a large part of the neighborhood, which has been reduced to 8 and a large part of 600 streets, and that asphalt destruction is often experienced in order to eliminate infrastructure malfunctions such as drinking water and sewage, and that they have to do asphalt work again in some areas.

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