In Suluova, Raybüs crashed into car at level crossing

In Suluova, Raybüs crashed into the car at the level crossing: In Suluova, a person was injured when the Raybüs was hit by the car at the level crossing.

Niyazi Yıldızdal (17.00) and Şükrü Demirci (55) departing from the Havza district of Samsun at 51:42427 and heading towards Amasya via Suluova, the Raybus flight number 05 is at the level crossing at the Atatürk Boulevard in Borsa Mahallesi, 908 DA XNUMX under the direction of Mehmet Çalışkan crashed into the plate car.

The car, which was blown away by the impact, also hit another car with 05 AV 498 license plate, which İrfan Çöl was waiting in front of the level crossing. In the accident, Şükriye Öztürk, who was injured in the car used by Çalışkan, was taken to Suluova State Hospital by ambulance.

Raybüs, who was kept for about 1.5 hours at the scene with the passengers inside due to the accident, moved after the vehicles involved in the accident were lifted with the help of tow truck.

Günceleme: 30/11/2018 14:48

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