Governor Büyükersoy Examines Asphalt Work

Governor Büyükersoy Asphalt Studies Examined: Mus Governor Vedat Buyukersoy, depending on the center Çöğürlü, Üçdere and Suboyu group asphalt studies on the village roads studied. Firstly, asphalt studies carried out by the Special Provincial Administration in the village Çöğürlü Governor Vedat Büyükersoy, where the journalists made statements. This year Muş 400 kilometer asphalt work will be done Büyükersoy, asphalt work will cost about 25 million pounds, he said.
Büyükersoy, “25 million of this 8 million with special administrative facilities and 7 million KÖYDES program and the remaining 10 million will be made with the appropriation sent from the Ministry of Defense as a security path. Suboyu, Üçdere and Çöğürlü group road 7,5 kilometers of static coating is made. I hope we will have made 400 kilometers of asphalt this year when all of these are finished. ” Provincial Special Administration teams in the asphalt with 120 degree temperature service that provides records Büyükersoy Governor, 50 vehicles and 120 staff throughout the province announced that the service. Emphasizing that as the country's economy develops investments, Büyükersoy said, “There is a temperature of approximately 120 of the spilled material here. Our workers work with these 120 grade materials.
50 vehicle We continue to do asphalt work with 120 personnel. I hope our citizens will be pleased with these asphalts. These studies are always with the economy with money. The development of the economy is reflected in the provinces, districts and villages. The economy of our country is good that we can make these ways. These services are not made with their own income in the province of Muş, the central budget transferred to the special provincial administration or KÖYDES and the Ministry of Defense with the appropriations transferred by the Ministry of Defense do these services. Good luck. Let our citizens say goodbye to these roads.
The entire path we are on now will be finished in two or three days.. Governor Büyükersoy stated that there is no village without roads and that they provide maximum services with scarce facilities and said: ak If we ask our villagers, all roads have urgency. Our people always want comfort and comfort because they want and rightly want. We are trying to provide maximum service with facilities that are scarce. ”

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