Tram accident 1 seriously injured in Konya

Tram accident in Konya 1 seriously injured: 61-year-old Hikmet Kızmaz, who was hit by a tram in Konya, was seriously injured. The accident occurred at around 23.30 at Konya Center Selçuklu District Yeni İstanbul Caddesi Kunduracılar stop. 61-year-old Hikmet Kızmaz, who allegedly wanted to cross over the tram rails, lost a leg as a result of the tramway that made the journey to Alâeddin-Campus. The injured who remained under the tram was rescued by the police and medical teams. After the first intervention, Hikmet Kızmaz, who was seriously injured, was taken to Konya Training and Research Hospital by the medical teams. It has been reported that the removed Kızmaz is in severe condition.

After the accident, the unnamed mother was taken into custody. The police are investigating the accident.

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