Pedestrian Struck by a Tram

📩 30/11/2018 14:43

Tram hit by pedestrian's leg Koptu Vatman in custody: In Konya, the citizen who was hit by the tram lost his life, vatman was taken into custody. The teams searched the injured leg for a while at the accident site.

The accident occurred last night in the central Selçuklu district Yeni Istanbul Caddesi Kunduracılar Station. Hikmet Kızmaz (61), who allegedly wanted to cross over the tram rails, had a leg broken when the tram that made the journey to Alâeddin - Campus was hit. Kızmaz, who was under the tram, was rescued by the police and medical teams. Medical teams and police searched for a while at the scene of Kızmaz's leg broken in the accident. Seriously injured, Kızmaz was taken to Konya Training and Research Hospital by the medical teams after the first intervention. It was reported that Kızmaz's health condition was severe.

Vatman, whose name has not yet been disclosed, was detained after the accident. The police investigation into the accident continues.


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