Traffic warning before the holiday from the General Directorate of Highways

General Directorate of Highways' from feast before the traffic alert: Drivers and Vehicle Turkey Federation Chairman Fevzi warned citizens to Apaydin heavy traffic that may arise before the feast.
Good morning, “Try to get on the road 1-2 days in advance during low traffic hours. Do not set off tired and sleepless. Make sure to take a break. Be patient in traffic, do not rush. Increasing traffic accidents during holidays upset us all. But our citizens still have a hard time complying with traffic rules, ”he said.
Fevzi Apaydın said that this year's Ramadan holiday will be the 5 day with the Saturday market, but it should be considered as the beginning of the second leg of the summer holiday.
“The roads will be very crowded. Last year, during the Ramadan holiday, a total of 61 traffic accidents with 785 deaths and 846 injuries occurred. 86 people died in these accidents. We can compare the number of accidents and deaths per day of the traffic accidents that occurred during the Ramadan Feast holiday (2012 days) in 4 and the Eid al-Fitr holiday (2013 days) in 5. A traffic accident with one death fell from 2012 in 14 to 2013 in 12, and the death toll fell from 19 to 17. Although the decrease in the number of accidents by 14 percent and the number of deaths in the country by 11 percent is not considered sufficient, it is gratifying. Our drivers who learn from the events and follow the rules should pay attention to the traffic monster on this holiday. "
Stating that the biggest share in traffic accidents belongs to human beings, Apaydın said,, In the solution of the problem, training for our citizens and raising awareness of traffic are very important. In 2013, a total of 183 bin 30 defects, which cause a fatal injury, were seen to be 88,7 of the driver. Every driver in the traffic, even pedestrians and passengers, also have their responsibilities. However, the wholesale solution of the problems is not only by the law, but also by the institutions and the citizens. We have recently seen the use of seat belts by citizens. 9 1 0,9 0,4 16 0 14-XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX For this reason, we must use the seat belt in the front and rear seats. Everyone should know that the use of seat belts saves lives, Emniyet he warned.
Apaydın said, d The 22 thousand 254 kilometer split road application carried out by the Ministry of Transport has reduced the number of crashes in traffic accidents up to 90. Lam The biggest share in the occurrence of traffic accidents is human fault with a percentage more than 88,.

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