Btso Rolls Handles to Improve the Functionality of Gemlik Harbor


Btso: Rolls to Improve the Functionality of Gemlik Harbor: Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) has taken action to increase the functionality of Gemlik Port.

BTSO 25. Chairman of the Professional Committee Beyhan Cambaz visited Uludag Customs and Trade Regional Director Ihsan Ismail Yertutan in his office. Speaking during the visit to the Deputy Secretary General of BTSO Okay Civelek Cambaz, Gemlik Port is not sufficiently functional, he said. Stating that Gemlik Port, which is an important pillar of the Logistics Center Project initiated by BTSO, should be used better, Cambaz said that the use of ports in Istanbul has many disadvantages, so improving the current operation of Gemlik Port should be a priority target. . Cambaz said, lu The fact that Istanbul ports are more dense, the packaging of the products during transportation and the traffic density caused by the trucks are just a few of these disadvantages. We know that a share xnumx'lük percent of Turkey's exports to Gemlik Port. This ratio must be increased in an absolute way. In this respect, we want Gemlik Port to serve under better conditions. Bu

Regional Manager Yertutan stated that the capacity of Gemlik Port is insufficient. Pointing out that the 'Logistics Center Project' led by BTSO is an important work, Yertutan said, “Our Ministry gives significant support to logistics center projects. The establishment of the Logistics Center as soon as possible is an important factor for Bursa. kazanIt will be three,” he said.

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