They get used to traffic rules at a young age

They Get Used to Traffic Rules at a Young Age: Children who are tested with toy cars on the educational track established by the district governorship in the garden of a school in the Selim district of Kars begin to obey the traffic rules from an early age.
Selim County Police Department personnel, the rules of traffic to teach the children from the track established in the practical, there are several directives by placing the battery powered toy cars.
Children are trying to complete the course by successfully applying the information they receive from the police.
The course includes a single and double lane road, traffic lights, level crossings, and traffic signs.
Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), District Governor Erdinç Dolu stated that they have carried out many projects in the district, one of which is the "Traffic Education Track Project".
Stating that they established a track built on 800 square meters for the first time in the region, Dolu said, “With this track, which was designed in accordance with the highway standards and technique, we show my children the traffic awareness both theoretically and practically. It's a matter of culture and habit. This is only from a young age. kazancan,” he said.

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