Osmaniye Zorkun Road Construction

the way of hardship
the way of hardship

📩 19/12/2020 14:41

Hot asphalt patch works have started on the Zorkun highland road, located in the southeast of Osmaniye, at the foot of Nurdağı. With the increase in temperatures, the population density reached the highest level in summer; The 19-kilometer-long Zorkun Plateau road, which provides transportation services to Ayvalı, Olukbaşı, Fenk, Mitisin and Zorkun Plateaus and many highlands within the borders of Hatay's Dörtyol and Erzin districts, started to be repaired due to the effect of winter conditions.

In a written statement made by the Special Provincial Administration of Osmaniye, Z Due to the deterioration in the road during winter months, the traffic density has increased and the difficulties in transportation of Zorkun Road have emerged. In order to eliminate these problems in transportation and to ensure the comfortable transportation of our people to the highlands; Governor of Osmaniye With the order of Mehmet Oduncu, work was initiated with the coordination between Osmaniye Municipality and Special Provincial Administration. In order to prevent and repair the deterioration on the road in question, as of 7 July 2014, maintenance and repair works of asphalt have been started and will be completed and put into service as soon as possible Söz.

Within the scope of the studies, 2 graders, 8 trucks, cylinders, trenchers and loaders were commissioned by the Special Provincial Administration and hot asphalt materials were supplied by Osmaniye Municipality. 10 As of 2014, 1000 tons of hot asphalt patch has been applied.


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