Governor Inspected Deniz, Village Roads and Kars Ardahan Highway

Governor Deniz, Village Roads and Kars Ardahan Highway: Ardahan Governor Ahmet Deniz inspected the group village roads and the double road asphalt work on the Ardahan-Kars highway.
Provincial Special Administration Secretary General Hakkı Özgür together with the Governor of the village and plateau roads, received information about the work. Among the priority demands of citizens in the region, indicating that the village and highland roads to be done, the Governor of the Sea, citizens of the importance of the fulfillment of the requests for transportation quickly said.
Controlling the road construction work in the villages, the Governor of the Sea, Ardahan-Kars highway also going, the construction of the double-road asphalt study found in progress.
Governor Deniz also met the citizens he encountered in the villages during his inspections. sohbet and listened to their problems and requests.



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