Marmaray leak statement from TCDD

Leak statement in Marmaray from TCDD: When a long corridor is passed to reach the platform in the underground tunnel leading to Marmaray's Sirkeci station, traces of moisture can be seen in the afience.

Sirkeci station, the deepest station of Marmaray, was opened in 1 December 1 with a delay after 2013 month after the opening. The reason for this delay was explained as the preparations were not completed yet. Sirkeci station is a long corridor to reach the citizens perona. In a large area in this corridor, there is a color change between tiles. TCDD on Radical's questions (türkiyecumhuriyet State Railways), due suggested that traces of the chemicals used for cleaning in place. However, experts say that these stains will be caused by water leaks.


According to Mithat Ercan, Head of the Istanbul Branch of the United Transport Association (BTS) and engineer Mithat Ercan, the reason for the problem was that Marmaray had opened the time before the isolation works were completed sufficiently. Ercan explains: ılar They cannot prevent some groundwater spills from land. There are water leaks at Üsküdar and Sirkeci stations which are the entrance and exit points of the tunnel. There are many electronic devices out there. If the source of leakage cannot be found, these leaks will oxidize and damage electronic devices. In addition, it will make mold in the future. After this point, it is much more difficult to find out where the leak is from. They were supposed to do their isolation properly while still under construction. Henüz


According to Cemal Gökçe, President of the Chamber of Civil Engineers Istanbul, isolation is one of the most basic works to prevent the infiltration of groundwater. Gokce, who pointed out that the traces in the tiles at the Sirkeci Station may have several reasons, explains: uy There may be a problem that the groundwater beneath the tiles is not well insulated. It can be said that the flowing waters will harm the structure. It also leads to image pollution, which can be seen in many places on plasters and coatings. Technical research is needed in this regard Bu


According to Marmaray machinist and BTS Secretary General Hasan Bektaş, the real danger is if there is a leak in the tube under the sea. Bektaş explains: deniz There is no water leak in the tube section of Marmaray under the sea. However, there may be water leaks on land lines. Since we can see the inside of the tunnel, we can see the leaks in some of the land lines. But it's not at a level to create a risk. We can just say the image is bad and cause the smell of moisture in the air. Sadece


According to TCDD, the reason for the marks on the tiles is not humidification due to water leakage. Mehmet Aycı, press consultant at TCDD Ankara, rejected the claims of humidification due to water leakage, saying that moisture could be on the walls but not on the ground. Aycı explained the traces of the tiles in the following words: izler The tiles of the Sirkeci line were laid early. During the construction, the tiles were covered with chipboard so that they would not be affected. The resin flowed from some of the tiles. Chemical was used to clean the flowing resins. The reason for this discoloration is that these chemicals are used. O

A main problem is the officers who have to work in that humid environment for hours. Moisture that causes problems such as headache and leg pain poses a threat to employees. Officials, who are afraid to give their name, say that they have difficulty breathing from time to time and have joint pain at work.

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