Taxi rebelled the new version

The new state of Taksim revolted: The afforestation project in Taksim became a mockery. After the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş's statement that “there is no tree in the concept of İstiklal Street” in 2005, the great change started in the heart of Istanbul, Istiklal Street. the last image revolts those who see it.
Following this statement by Topbaş, the change in İstiklal Street, where the trees were removed, became disturbing with the removal of the cobblestone pavements. Paving stones were laid instead of the cobblestone, which was removed with the claim that 'it would provide pedestrians with more comfortable walking', and these stones, which were broken in a short time, put those walking on the street in danger due to the pits.
Today, Istiklal Street, where tens of thousands of people pass by every day, has a very different image. They have now poured asphalt on İstiklal Street, whose trees have been removed and the cobblestone pavements are removed. A large part of the street, which is still covered with paving stones, now has asphalt. A large number of tweets were posted on social media due to the ugly image.
On the other hand, "afforestation" was carried out in Taksim Square, which was turned into a concrete pile on the pretext of closing the vehicle traffic. In the frames shared on social media, trees in pots are seen.
Here are some of those tweets:
@blgnalkan: Oh my brother, did you pour asphalt in Istiklal? It's not a double road, it's history is history
@esgiiiiiii: They poured asphalt in Istiklal. The best thing these guys do is destroy beauties. infamous
@alicimen: If you poured asphalt on İstiklal Caddesi and put a recreation facility, it will be complete. For example, Metro Turizm İstiklal Facilities?
@sahicitosunpasa: I've been waiting for the great municipal mentality that covers Istiklal Street with a black asphalt.
@gozdegulan: Taksim Concrete Project!
@ MehmetArca13: Why does the AKP's Beyoğlu Municipality asphalt the cobbled floor of İstiklal Avenue, the symbol of Istanbul?
@YachtMurat: Everything they do has a purpose, asphalt pavements to Istiklal Street lose the historical texture and remove from the entertainment center



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