85,45 support for tramway in Izmir

85,45: Izmir and Izmir Karşıyaka Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which carried out a comprehensive survey study on tram projects with Ege University, received 83,67 percent support from the owners of the workplace participating in the survey and 85,45 percent from the households. Representatives from vocational chambers, district municipalities, city councils, related associations and universities participated in the survey called "Social Impact Assessment Study". Speaking at the recent situation assessment meeting, Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, “We are trying to mature all the topics and the projects to be done by discussing them with the universities and vocational chambers that are parties to the subject and with the muhtars and nationals of that region.” said.


Fahrettin Altay Square, which will start from the side of the market tram line, peak times of the 3'er minutes, the other time period is planned to work in the 4-5 minute intervals. Şehit Binbaşı Ali, where the tax office is located, will go to the shore following the Tufan Street. In Konak, the tram line that will pass from the side of the road to Gazi Boulevard and pass under the pedestrian bridge in front of Konak Pier and Konak Pier, will enter Şehit Fethi Bey Street and will use the route with the highway traffic from here. Following the Republic Square, the line will go to Şehit Nevres Boulevard and from there to Şair Eşref Boulevard. Here it will be divided into two. The line which will continue in this way until Vahap Özaltay Square will be reunited near Alsancak Station. The tram line that goes to Şehitler Caddesi following the wind will end at the Halkapınar Warehouse Area in İzmir Metro.


Alaybey-Karşıyaka-The 9,7 kilometer route between Mavişehir and 15 stops and 17 tram line will work in the form of round trip. Starting from Alaybey by the coast Bostanlı Pier, from there Ismail Sivri Street, Martyr Cengiz Topel Street, Selcuk Yasar Street and Cahar Dudayev Boulevard, followed by IZBAN Cigli Warehouse Facilities next to Mavisehir Suburban Station. In project scope, Karşıyaka An overpass or underpass is planned to connect the pier and the bazaar. The tram line will provide transfer to İZBAN, ferries and buses.



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