Suicide at Gaziantep Train Station

📩 06/02/2020 00:03

Suicide at Gaziantep train station: Cuma Ali Akyosun, who was allegedly depressed in Gaziantep, committed suicide by jumping in front of the moving train.

Yesterday morning in the 42'nci Ulus District occurred in the incident; Friday Ali Akyosun, Gaziantep-Adana sitting on the edge of the railway stand up suddenly, the moving mechanic Mehmet Hanifi K. jumped in front of the train under K. administration.

Lost the life of the event

Despite the engineer's effort to stop the train Akyosun, died under the train died at the scene. After the investigation of the police on the incident after the investigation Friday Ali Akyosun'in corpse, for autopsy morgue was sent to the Forensic Medicine Institute. Officer Mehmet Hanifi K. 's taken to the Police Station to be taken to the police and an investigation into the incident was launched.

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