Stop the traffic! Flour Trap bridge can be destroyed at any time

Stop traffic! The bridge of the Un Gate can be destroyed at any moment: The Istanbul Un-Gate bridge, where thousands of people and the vehicle pass through and under each morning, has begun to alarm. The Un trap bridge can be destroyed at any time! Buses and lorries break down the ceiling beams of the gate, which is stated to be 3.70 meters high. The engineer's room warned for the death parade where tradesmen complained: If not taken, it can be destroyed at any time!
The Flour Trap bridge, which is used by thousands of people in Istanbul, has decayed with the effect of years and presents danger. Buses and trucks break up the ceiling beams of the gate, which is said to be 3.70 meters high. The engineers' room warned for the death parade, which the shopkeepers were complaining about: if no action is taken, it can be destroyed at any time!
According to the news of Kamil Maman from his newspaper today, the vehicle overpass in the direction of the Unkapanı-Galata bridge, one of the most crowded traffic points in Istanbul, is dangerous. The traffic flyover, which gives drivers fearful moments, is shedding from negligence. Bus trucks and trailers higher than 3.70 meters are attached to the beams of the passage. Finally, the two-story passenger bus passed under the passage, putting both vehicles and passengers at risk.
Even the history of the construction of the lower passage, which is on the route of Istanbul from Fatih, Bahçelievler and Eyüp to Taksim, is not even known. Passing through thousands of vehicles over the passageway, passing under the ceiling height 3.70 meters on vehicles can pass through the beams. The 10 workplace at the bottom of the gate is also in danger of collapse. Traders who say that the passage has been like this for a long time ün It can be destroyed at any time, not at the level to carry the load of the vehicles passing over this place. The weight of the iron is already shattered. However, this is still not covered by vehicle traffic, Buna he says.
TMMOB Chamber of Civil Engineers Istanbul Branch President Cemal Gokce, mas The passage of vehicles and pedestrians crossing the girders and girdles underneath the concrete parts of people and vehicles underneath can fall. There are serious wear on bridges and underpasses in many parts of Istanbul ve.
BARANDER Head of Building Commission Deniz Gürel: Undercarriage beams of the lower passage have been damaged by impact and friction (concrete and reinforcement) in time. Especially due to the exposure of the reinforcement directly to the air (rust share lost) caused corrosion. This structure should be destroyed immediately without causing a disaster.
Board of Directors of TMMOB Chamber of Civil Engineers İsmail Uzunoğlu: The bars of the beams are broken and corroded as seen from the outside. At the same time because of the impact of the concrete finished concrete function. The iron is completely bankrupt and this gate is at the point of collapse. This place needs to be handled or destroyed. Under these conditions, the vehicle traffic should definitely be stopped and this gate should not be used. Normally the height of the crossings in city centers must be above the 4 meter. 3 meter 70 cm, but this length of the passage is less than it. The height of the TIRs is already around 4 meters.

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