Stefan Löcherbach 3. made an announcement for the airport

Stefan Löcherbach 3. It made statements to the airport: Lufthansa Turkey General Manager Stefan Löcherbach Iran and Iraq, found striking comments about the third havalimanıyla

Löcherbach, said they glad for concluding 3. Airport, Istanbul is the need for such a large airport söyledi.y new airport thanks, that joy will be the growth opportunities in Turkey, voicing Löcherbach, many fees, such as airport taxes paid in this regard, noted that they hope will further decrease "We will grow, we hope that the costs will decrease," said Löcherbach, who pointed out that the biggest airports in Europe are London, Paris and Frankfurt respectively.
Löcherbach, he said: "Turkey is very attractive in terms of location, you can go from the East and from North to South or West. Therefore, I believe that Turkey is advantageous in this regard. Turkish Airlines (THY) is already benefiting from this position and has established a large center. Ataturk Airport has also created this center position.When the new airport is built, there will be more flights and we will be stronger in creating a center. I think that the “airport and airline” duo will create competition in the future. With its third airport, Istanbul will compete with other centers in Europe. Actually, Ataturk Airport is in competition with Europe, but occupancy is very high. Sometimes the system does not work well, passport transactions are intense. Therefore, with the new airport, I think we will provide all services to our passengers better. ”
“Our cooperation with Turkish Airlines is very good”
Stating that their cooperation with THY as a company is very good, Stefan Löcherbach stated that they made some changes in bilateral agreements. we are working. Especially, our partnership, SunExpress, is very successful. We have a new thought, a new formation. We think we can improve the cooperation with THY and Lufthansa, SunExpress. SunExpress can be a platform for Lufthansa. For us, SunExpress can be a platform for a new formation that can fly to tourist spots. We are currently working on this and we will present it to Turkish Airlines when the project is over. Does THY do this with us? Doesn't it? He will decide. The goal here is long-distance tourist flights. Totally long-distance tourist attractions such as Las Vegas, Maldives, Seychelles. We have no problems with our THY. We are in new plans with them, our work together is very successful and we want to enter new formations. We are happy to make the 3rd airport. We believe that Turkey's market with other airlines and Lufthansa also offers new opportunities. "


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