Şanlıurfa high-speed train

High speed train good news to Şanlıurfa: High speed train is coming to Şanlıurfaya. High speed train to Şanlıurfa, good news from Prime Minister Erdoğan to Urfa.

Presidential candidate and Prime Minister Erdogan spoke at the rally held in Sanliurfa.

Erdogan gave Şanlıurfa high-speed train good news in his speech at the rally.

Erdogan said in his speech:

We decided to connect Şanlıurfa to Ankara, Istanbul, Karaman and Gaziantep by high-speed trains. I hope our project is ready and we will start this work in the coming period. We need to build a large meeting area in Şanlıurfa. I have no doubt that our mayor will do what suits Sanliurfa.


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