Waterfall Street Beauties

Şelale Street is Becoming Beautiful: Kepez Municipality has started hot asphalt work on Şelale Street, which is south of the water channel that divides the district into two.
Kepez Municipality adds more prestige to the street with its infrastructure and superstructure works. The entire infrastructure and superstructure of Şelale Street, which is south of the DSI water channel, where the landscaping work was carried out in the previous period, is being renewed. The first part of the renovation work is carried out between Varsak Bridge and Kütükçü Bridge.
The Directorate of Science Affairs, within the scope of the renovation work, has completed its economic life with the milling machine and the existing asphalt has been removed.
After the asphalt dismantling process was completed, the asphalt laying work started on the street. The hot asphalt work was carried out in the section between Fevzi Çakmak and Kuzeyyaka neighborhoods of the street where the electricity transmission lines are underground. On the part of the street up to the Kütükçü Bridge, the asphalt work will be completed after the electricity transmission lines are underground.
3 thousand 146 tons of hot asphalt will be poured into the 6 meter section of the street. A paving stone will be laid on the southern part of the street. Electricity transmission lines between Kütükçü Bridge and Şehit Major Oğuz Özkan Barracks will be taken under the ground.
Officials of the Directorate of Science Affairs reported that they will renew the other sections of the water channel in plan and program stages.



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