Sapanca Train Station 124

Sapanca Railway Station 124 Year Before: 2 July The first train on 1890 stopped in Sapanca, will soon take a first for the history of the district again, and 70 will stand the High Speed ​​Train of the year's dream.

After the start of planned flights and the completion of the new station building, High Speed ​​Train will start to stop at one of the 9 stops in Sapanca. According to the sources written in the first train in the county 124 stopped on 2 July 1890 years ago.

Cemal Karaağaç, Director of Cultural and Social Affairs and Researcher Author of Sapanca Municipality, wrote the following in his article aç A WORLD IN RAYLAR “:

86 is a photo that has come to the present

a train stopped at Sapanca Station dur

In fact the first train in Sapanca

02 stopped in July 1890,

Completed during 2.Abdülhamit period

Izmit-Adapazari line,

Made by the Germans and

Feeling the taste of train travel to its first passengers ilk

For many years since the famous' Sapanca Diamond

trains from the station,

the treble and sharp whistle

For the separation from Sapanca Sap

Since old times

trains stop in Sapanca,

a basket of apples

and a day to live

to have insatiable memories perhaps anıl

Today we listen to our elders

Memories of Sapanca Station

the smell of the apple

and the taste has remained on the palate.

Perhaps a basket of apples are taken to the loved ones

the excitement of arriving and reaching them

to accompany him eşlik

That is why our poetry is the honor of Nazım Hikmet,

His long poem called 'Memleketimden İnsan Manzaraları'

a train ride told his people,

station station, face to face,

train passing through Sapanca and depicting that lake

has enabled us to make new trips,

about nature, people and our country doğ

After the declaration of the Republic, the first date of regular flights from Istanbul Haydarpaşa is thought to be 18 May 1934.

Journalist Yekta Gagıp, who wrote the first train time, wrote the following moments:

The huge train consisting of 16 wagons got up at 08.30 between the joy and applause of the people. We greeted and greeted the houses between Haydarpaşa and Pendik. We arrived at Gebze at 09.30:10.00. Five minutes later, the train arrived at Hereke at 11.00. We were in Izmit at 11.50. Izmit municipal harmonica also got on the train. Finally, we entered Sapanca station at XNUMX.

The number of passengers and the number of passengers from the stations on the road reached 1100. Everyone was looking through the windows. When the train stopped at the station, hundreds of Hereke peasants who had filled the wide area were shouting "welcome" and applauding us. The applause lasted for minutes. A Hereke youth immediately climbs to a high place:

- Welcome Istanbul residents. Hereke said, 'Take a walk, have fun.'

This friendly appeal satisfied all the passengers. A nine-item declaration of the municipality of Sapanca was distributed. After saying the u welcome bar to be seen in the municipality and reported that the smallest compassion was reported that:

“If money is not taken from drink water, if you want to enter the villages, you can benefit from the guides with green bands. Cherry weight is 10, plum 7 cents. Car, boat and motor tariffs on the lake! was written well. Those who got off the train were dispersed to the lakeside, to the beautiful groves and gardens that were prepared a few days ago. The station was empty ten minutes later. ”

The men and women of the people of Sapanca showed very hospitality to the people of Istanbul. An interval of light rain sprinkled. But those who threw themselves in the lakes and groves did not even care about this rain. Lambs were cooked, cherries were eaten, ice-cold water was drunk. Up to two hundred women and men villagers who could hear the future of Istanbul came down to Sapanca and set up a small market by the lake. The clean yoghurts brought by the peasants with their carrots were very delicious. As if there was no one who did not eat these yoghurts. Those who filled their bellies toured the lake with boats and boats.

The head of the district, Hakkı Bey, seemed to be working hard. To various places of the roads. He had black plates showing the positions of the gardens. Ahmet Şükrü Bey, a merchant, had also arranged a great forest and gained the appreciation of Istanbulites. Until six o'clock, all the visitors like Sapanca visited me, had fun, bought fresh eggs, cheese, oil, yogurt from the market. The train started to be started at 17.30.

As the hospitality of the Sapanca people did not seem to be enough, they gathered at the station again in the afternoon. They played six national games. Young people playing:

They shouted at the honor of Istanbulites and increased the attraction of the game with sincere excitement.

I met with the director of the district, Hakkı Bey: he said: “We did not expect that Sapanca would be so popular. We were surprised when we got off the train. You will find Sapanca more changed next week. We couldn't prepare all the groves. We will make baths and resting pavilions by the lake. We will open the roads to the groves. We will organize swimming, boat races on the lake. Since our fruits will be abundant for up to ten days, our green Sapanca will be a sight to see and visit. We will make Sapanca the summer resort of Istanbul. ”

It was past six o'clock. He knocked on the drum, the wagons were full again, and then he moved slowly. In Sapanca, which was six hours away, the people of Istanbul and Sapanca had become so fellow that everyone said goodbye to each other,

  • Again, he was called. I made a day trip of the train as I walked through the countryside:
  • I went to Sapanca for 110 cents, saw a beautiful district center, traveled, eaten, and had fun. Sapanians and peasants also earned from shopping. What could I do with 110 cents if I stayed in Istanbul? I couldn't find the answer to that.

Deputy of Nafia Ali Beyle Devlet, by thinking and practicing these beautiful excursions.

İbrahim Kemal Bey, the General Director of Railways, delighted the people of Istanbul.

As I finish my writing, I will also be an interpreter for the passengers' wishes: If at least eight hours stay in Sapanca is provided.



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