Road inspections will increase

Road inspections on the holiday will increase: Ministry of Transport Maritime and Communication Ramadan Feast will increase inspections to prevent pirate passenger transport.
The General Directorate of Land Arrangement, citizens who want to evaluate the upcoming Ramazan Holiday holiday as a visit to relatives or as a holiday of rest, wanted the citizens who came to the traffic with special vehicles to follow the rules which are vital for the other drivers in order not to live the painful events after past traffic accidents.
Officials, citizens on the road to be responsible and careful, the tolerance is more prominent on the holiday, the drivers to be patient and respectful to each other in terms of traffic safety is important in terms of traffic, emphasizing the measures to be taken for a safe journey as follows:
“Before starting the traffic, have the technical maintenance of the vehicle done and never set off with vehicles that do not have technical maintenance. Do not accept passengers or cargo over the specified limits of the vehicle. When driving in traffic, wear your seat belt while sitting both in the front and in the back. Obey the speed limits. Do not use mobile phones while driving. Take frequent breaks while driving, never drive when tired and sleepy. Especially on the return journey, be careful not to leave your trip to the last days and hours of the feast holiday. Follow other traffic rules regarding traffic safety. "
The ministry, which takes action to prevent pirate passenger transport, will conduct inspections on the 24 hour basis on the highways inspection stations.
- D2 and B2 supplements to the flights -
On the other hand, the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications issued a circular for the use of B2 and D2 certified buses in order to prevent citizens from being victimized due to the feast intensity.
With the circular on the use of B2 and D2 certified vehicles in Razaman and Eid al-Adha, between 25 July-4 August during Ramadan Feast and 3-13 October during Eid al-Adha, B2 and D2 authorization certificate holders with vehicles with 25 or more seats Passengers were allowed to be carried.

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