Labor Law Proposal for Road Transport

Labor Law Proposal for Road Transport: Afyon Kocatepe University (AKU) Director of Sultandağı Vocational School and Head of Bus Captain Department Assist. Assoc. Dr. Kemal Karayormuk, stating that Turkey needed to work in the road transport law, "Driving is a heavy and exhausting profession. Their wear rates should not be like other professions. Bunlar
Karayormuk, AA said in a statement to reporters, said load of passengers and the bus that carried over the 90 percent of transportation in Turkey.
Referring to the rate of bus accidents involved in traffic accidents Karayormuk, said:
? In this case, 'Is it really the accident between these transport modes?' Need to look like. 'Traffic accidents are doing a lot of bus' should not think. The bus is one of the elements in the traffic. We need to look at the causes of these accidents. The most important reason why bus accidents attract attention is the simultaneous transport of people close to 50. Of course, when a few people die in a bus accident, it is of course everyone's attention, but we have to look very carefully at the causes of the accident. Looking at the statistics, human resources in accidents are the highest, but we need to analyze this thoroughly. İstatistik
Karayormuk stated that there is a historical process in the country in terms of driver education. He said that bus driver training starts from assistant.
Karayormuk argued that the communication between the drivers and the assistants was not good and that this led to accidents. In the event of any incident in the case of the deputies do not experience the experience of the reaction will face the negative of Karayormuk stressed that the communication between the driver and the drivers told me to re-establish.
Taz 5 annual refresher training model should be introduced for human-bearing drivers “
Karayormuk, the driver training should be increased by pointing, 4 university bus programs at the University, claimed that not enough. Karayormuk proposed to increase the number of this, said:
Miş Germany has introduced the 2008 annual refresher training model for 2009 freight transports and 5 for the people who work on road transport. We need a model like this. The drivers need 5 years for safe driving, forward driving, first aid, simulator training. The driver is the most strategic element of a company that carries people between cities. Do we have this in our country? What to do in our country, working hours to be organized in a good way. In Turkey, for freight transport, buses labor law needs to be used in transportation. We need airway, maritime labor law, and we need highway labor law. Chauffeur-driven, heavy-duty. Their wear rate should not be like other professions. Chauffeur is now a difficult profession to find because everyone is looking for a comfortable job. This value needs to be known.

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