Reaction to daytime lighting lamps

Reacting to daytime lighting: The Vanans reacted to daytime lighting during the Van-Erciş Highway.
Residents of the Bardakci District reacted to the burning of the lighting lamps during the daytime hours in Van- Erciş Highway, despite frequent power cuts.
Bardakci Street Van-Erciş highway burns on the night street lights during the daytime continues to burn. Van-Erciş highway from time to time on this situation attracts the attention of the citizens.
Van-Erciş Highway Bardakci About the day of the day around the hours of street lights left open for the citizens of the region surprised. Citizens said that they were wondering who to pay for the street lighting poles.
Responding to the situation, residents of Bardakci Neighborhood stated that there are no lighting lamps in many neighborhoods in Van. Da Van has no lighting poles in many neighborhoods. In some neighborhoods with lighting poles, the lamps do not light. But in our neighborhood, street lighting slides almost every day during the day. VEDAŞ should not remain insensitive to this. This problem needs to be solved as soon as possible. In recent days, we can't get proper electricity. VEDAŞ, which cuts our electricity frequently, needs to take the lighting poles. Illumination lamps should not be burned, energy should not be spent so easily, no one can give it. We are wondering who the bill for these street lamps will be cut. In
The drivers passing through Van-Erciş highway reacted to the situation and said, da It is not possible to explain the fact that street lights are open during the daytime hours in Van, where the night illumination is insufficient. Street lighting should not work at this time when there are people who are afraid to go out at night. Aydın


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