Expedition train from Pakistan to Turkey

Yuk Turkey Pakistan Train Schedules
Yuk Turkey Pakistan Train Schedules

The next time the train from Pakistan to Turkey: 2009 in the beginning, but for various reasons 2011 standing container train between Pakistan and Turkey are on the road again. Pakistani sources, said the work is accelerating, shorter than expected to start the voyage said.

The Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region of China government to extend to Turkey after pressing the button for a fast train line which concern Turkey railway project description came from Pakistan. between Pakistan-Iran-Turkey begin shipments by the time the 2009 2011 in economic and political reasons for the revival of a discontinued operation container train speeds.

Heavy load, light weight

According to the sources close to the subject to Pakistantoday, the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) will increase transportation services between member countries and shorten the delivery time, the project is nearing the end. BALO Greater Anatolia Logistics

Organizations A. Ş. between Pakistan and Turkish Railways, the Istanbul-Tehran-Islamabad ECO freight train to be operational as of the end of 2014.

Road length 6.250 17 kilometers per day with loads highway between Pakistan and Turkey, and can be transported by sea 37 days. With the ECO Freight Train project, the fast transport of goods in the ECO region is targeted.

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