Death Interchange Lighted

Death Crossroads Illuminated: The traffic lights were placed at the junction of the fatal accidents at the junction of.
As a result of the joint work of Karacabey Municipality and the highways, the traffic lights made a comfortable breath. Mayor Ali Özkan stated that the work at the intersection was over and the signaling system was effective and said: Başkan We have been following closely since the day we took office. As a result of our consultations and joint work with highways, the intersection has now been secured. Kar
President Özkan stated that the point which is called bir death junction gündem in the district for many years will no longer be the address of sad accidents. Adresi This was one of the topics that we took on our agenda as soon as we took office. As a result of ongoing investigations and consultations, it was decided to construct a signaling system at the junction and action was taken. Our municipal teams supported the highways in their work to make the lighting work more rapid. We hope we won't receive any accident news at this roundabout anymore Um.



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