National Train Working Group Visited Local Firms

📩 30/11/2018 16:17

National Train Working Group Visited Local Firms: With the National Train Project, with the construction of modern railway lines in our country, studies for the production of new generation railway vehicles in our country with original design and local technology started.

The Tren National Train Working Group ”, which was created in relation to original design and domestic production, continues its work.

In this context, the technical trainings were organized for the companies in Ankara under the coordination of TCDD Factories within the scope of the National Train Project.

A total of 17 delegation visited 24 company on 25-26-2014 June 17.

Within the scope of the National Train Project, the Sector Research Survey was prepared and delivered to the companies with the aim of determining the components which will be produced by private companies and domestic companies. This technical trip was organized in order to consult the contributions of the companies that answered the survey to the National Train Project.

A more detailed questionnaire consisting of 13 questions was given to the companies visited and the information pool was created by taking the information of the companies on special topics.

In this context;

The first Airbus Military Transport aircraft A400M "ATLAS" in the heat of a portion of the wiring work ME-GA Tech also learned that in Turkey.

Strong Metal Goods by which the first electro-mechanical subway door prototype produced in Turkey and 5 months was learned that running continuously tested.

Eymak (Das Lager Bearing) by a company that can produce non-standard special bearings outside the market was learned that in Turkey.

It was learned by Extra Metal that the Reducer Main Body used in Siemens High Speed ​​Trains was poured and processed.

It was learned that there is a new factory established by Ilgaz Construction and it is working on making Wagon Manufacturing.

Ankara Olympian of all auto glass windows made by the National Rail production in Turkey was learned can be tested.

Bozankaya has been awarded by Tram for Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, Durmazlar Tram in Turkey would be the second company after company that produces and National Rail Aluminum Car Body learned to do the production.

It was learned that all software and simulations of National Trains can be made by Havelsan.

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