Nasrettin Hodja and Tram

Nasrettin Hoca and tram: One of them went to Nasreddin Hodja. It is very distressing, '' What would my teacher think I find a cure. My house is too narrow. Four kids, one chick, one eye can't fit in the room. Banished Jesus, '' he complained of trouble. The teacher is very calm, '' We do. You go to the evening goat, '' he said. The man came back confused. In the evening, he took the goat in the room.

The next morning the man knocked on the door of the teacher, 'Hodja, we took a goat while six of us could not fit. Morning difficult, '' he said. Hodja patted his cotton beard, '' This evening donkey in the room, '' he said, entering in and closed the door.

The poor man went home, being told, diye I think he has a clue. Z In the evening, he took the donkey in the room.
The next morning, he stood at the door of the teacher at dusk, '' We're done. There is no room to return, '' he wheezed. Hodja calm again, '' And this evening, take the cow in the room and come two days later, '' he said was going to go crazy. Hodja, "" You do as I say, "" the man threw his head.

Two days later, the man ran to the professor exhausted. '' My teacher was miserable! Children are deprived of sleep, '' he started sorrow.

Nasrettin Hodja, "" Now go in the animals you take out. "

The man ran home with joy. He took the animals out. They all cleaned the room together. Then the man went to the teacher again, '' Teacher, I'm sorry, I did not know that the room was palace. Thanks to you. May Allah bless you. ''

I watched the animation of the Tramway Project. I like it so much. It runs through wide boulevards and roads. For some reason, there's not a single vehicle on the road. Tram goes to Konak from Üçkuyular without any obstacles. Rapidly advances through the streets and goes to Cumhuriyet Square. The roads are empty. Just got our tram. After returning to the square, he is breaking the helm at Montreux. This journey continues until Halkapınar.

I closed my eyes and dreamed of a very busy morning and evening traffic. That moment came to my mind.

Is it worth all the trouble, all this money?

If you say '' Ille de tram! '', I suggest you another route: Take the project between Güzelbahçe and Konak. On this line, hundreds of vehicles and thousands of people come and go every day. It has shopping malls on the way, there is a Faculty of Medicine in Dokuz Eylül, there is a fine art, there is a new dental hospital, there are military facilities, there are also alışveriş
You can realize the project by using parallel roads to the Çeşme highway.
The important thing is to make the transportation to and from the center of the city easier and more convenient:

1- Sea transportation should be given importance. Ferries should be done with Güzelbahçe and Narlıdere beach. In this way, the ones who have a car will come to the pier and park their car and prefer the ferry.

2- Again, Güzelbahçe Konak can be used to make light rail systems by using secondary roads.

Walking the tram through the city means taking the cow into the room as in the joke. You can take the cow out of the room and relax, but there is no return from the tram. It would be a pity for the money spent and the money of the people.

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