The opening of the Bridge of Mihrali Bey turned into a puzzle

The opening of the Mihrali Bey Bridge turned into a puzzle: 3 was not completed despite the commitments made by the Mihrali Bey Bridge, which has been under construction for years.
Mihrali Bey Bridge, which was decided to be built in Kars before the 2011 general elections and has been under construction for 3 years, could not be completed despite the commitments made. The bridge hosted the AK Party deputies of Kars on 9 June. The authorities informed the deputies about the work and reported that the bridge would come into service within 10 days. At the point reached, the bridge could not be opened for service.
AK Arslan Kars deputies Ahmet Arslan and Yunus Kılıç made investigations on the Mihralibey Bridge, which returned to the conundrum with the press members on June 9. 18. Yunus Kılıç, who received information about the studies from the Regional Director of Highways, Turan Yılmaz, said, “The first impression is the last impression or the entrance doors of the city, frankly when I went to other cities before, when we were going to come and go like this; "We will be our way to add meaning and power to the city. he said. These thoughts for Kılıç's Mihralibey Bridge were not realized even after 20 days.
On the other hand, the process on the bridge goes back to the 2011 general elections. The process, which started with the news that 'uncontrolled crossroads in which 6 roads unite in Kars creates danger', said that the Minister of Transport of the period, Habib Soluk, said 'Your money is ready, prepare the project, make the tender' for the Mihralibey Bridge, which is on the agenda in Kars. The bridge, whose work started only in 2013, could not be completed. Officials say the bridge is approaching the end.

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