Accident on Metrobus Road

Accident on the metrobus road: The vehicle belonging to IMM, serving on the metrobus road in Bakırköy, got out of control and hit the bar. While the driver of the vehicle was slightly injured, disruptions occurred in the direction of the Metrobus Avcılar.

The accident occurred at around 09:00 on the metrobus road, in Çobançeşme district. The driver of the metrobus service vehicle affiliated with the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) suddenly lost control of the steering wheel while traveling in the direction of Avcılar. The vehicle that got out of control was able to stop by hitting the barriers.

The driver was slightly injured in the accident. The officers arrived at the scene of the incident and controlled the crossings of the metrobus passing by. After the car was removed with the hammer of the accident, metrobus voyages returned to normal.




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