Marmaray Animation Will Be Explained With Introductory Film

Marmaray Stops Map
Marmaray Stops Map

Marmaray will be explained with an animated promotional film: TCDD General Directorate had an animated film prepared that includes the promotion of Marmaray and how safe it is.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) General Directorate, including the introduction of Marmaray and animation film was prepared describing how safe it is. The animated promotional film will be broadcast on national television channels, train stations and city center billboards and trains in a short time.

According to the information received by AA correspondent, TCDD will tell Marmaray, which has been carrying 29 million passengers since its opening on 2013 October 30, and has become the indispensable part of Istanbul residents with animated films. The promotional film, presented with the slogan "Safe Travel with Marmaray", includes all the security measures in Marmaray.

"The Project of the Century" The film, which describes Marmaray with animation technique, states that the two continents are connected to each other with tubes embedded in the soil layer under the sea of ​​Marmara, and it is emphasized that the tubes do not come into contact with sea water in any way.

It is stated that Marmaray is ready for all scenarios in the film, where high capacity pumps are activated in extraordinary situations in submarine tube tunnels and the train in the tunnel is directed to the nearest station.

In the film, all lines and stations have dust, smoke, fire detection and intelligent extinguishing systems, tunnel lighting is activated automatically in emergency situations and 140 cm wide safe walkways along the tunnel line for evacuation of passengers are informed. It is stated that the passengers are directed to the emergency crossing points made of fire resistant material located at 150 meter intervals over these roads and the passengers are allowed to pass from the emergency crossing points to the other tunnel and the smoke inside can be easily evacuated with the biggest tunnel ventilation fans of the world.

Marmaray 9 earthquake ready

All the tunnels of Marmaray have been built to withstand an earthquake of magnitude 9, the introductory film underlines that the entire tunnel line was followed by the Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute on 7 day 24 hours.

In the animated movie, which is also described as there is no possibility of power outage in Marmaray, “The electrical energy of Marmaray is provided from the Asian side if the electricity on the European side is cut off from the European side. In case of emergency is engaged in Turkey's biggest 2 generator station and time is provided to complete as seamlessly "given in the statements.

Trains are followed instantly

In the film, which is told that "CBTC", which is the most used signaling system in public transportation in Marmaray in the world, by following the course of the trains instantly, it can be directly intervened in possible situations, from a fully equipped control center and system monitoring rooms in each station, It is stated that it has been inspected for 24 hours.

The film also emphasizes that it is equipped with a camera and information system for the security of trains and stations, every scenario is created to perform a safe evacuation process in case of any emergency and all personnel gain experience through training and exercises.

Marmaray's animated promotional film will soon be broadcast on national television channels, train stations and billboards and trains in city centers.

Marmaray Animation Promotion Film

Marmaray Questions and Answers

In the Marmaray Project, in addition to the existing data, additional information and data from geological, geotechnical, geophysical, hydrographic and meteorological surveys and surveys will be collected, and this data will be the basis for the design and construction of tunnels that will be built using the latest and modern civil engineering technologies. For details Click here...

The depth of Marmaray is 60 meters. It is the deepest tunnel in the world with 60 meters. The length of the Marmaray tube passage is 1,4 kilometers. For details Click here...

The first railway tunnel to be crossed by the Bosphorus was prepared as a draft in 1860.

The idea about a railway tunnel under the Istanbul Strait was first proposed in 1860. But where the tunnel planned to pass under the Bosphorus would pass through the deepest parts of the Bosphorus, it would not be possible to build the tunnel above or under the seabed, using old techniques; and so this tunnel was planned as a tunnel over the columns built on the seabed in the design.

Such ideas and ideas were further evaluated in the following 20-30 year-round and a similar design was developed in 1902; in this design, a railway tunnel passing under the Bosphorus is envisaged; but in this design, a tunnel is placed on the seabed. Since then, many different ideas and ideas have been tried and new technologies have given more freedom to design.

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from Gebze Halkalıfor the distance to 76,6 kilometers 5,70 tbsp when determining the full fee, students will be 2,75 tbsp It pays. Passengers are 2,60 tbsp s 5,70 tbspwhile students 1,25 tbsp s 2,75 tbsp pays between.

Fee Schedule By Course
Electronic ticket Full Student Sosyal subscription Electronic ticket Marmaray Tickets
Minimum Transportation Fee ₺3,50 ₺1,70 ₺2,50 1 Pass ₺15 (Three-Late) ₺15
Full Track Transportation Fee ₺7,75 ₺3,50 ₺5,40 4 Pass ₺15 (Three-Late) ₺15
Transfer* ₺3,50 ₺1,70 ₺2,50 1 Pass ₺15 (Three-Late) ₺15

*: No refunds will be made for transfer passes.

Fee Charged by Number of Stations
Pricing Groups Full Student Sosyal subscription Electronic ticket Marmaray Tickets
1-7 Stations 3,50 1,70 2,50 1 Pass Three-Late 1 (15₺ one)
8-14 Stations 4,50 2,10 3,10 2 Pass Three-Late 1
15-21 Stations 5,20 2,50 3,65 2 Pass Three-Late 1
22-28 Stations 6,00 2,85 4,25 3 Pass Three-Late 1
29-35 Stations 7,00 3,35 5,00 3 Pass Three-Late 1
36-43 Stations 7,75 3,50 5,40 4 Pass Three-Late 1
First Fee Charged at the Station
Station Name Station Name Full Student Sosyal subscription Electronic ticket Marmaray Tickets
Halkalı Yesilyurt 7,75 3,50 5,40 4 Pass Three-Late 1
Atakoy Sirkeci 7,00 3,35 5,00 3 Pass Three-Late 1
Uskudar Suadiye 6,00 2,85 4,25 3 Pass Three-Late 1
Bostanci Bostanci 5,20 2,50 3,65 2 Pass Three-Late 1
Küçükyalı Basak 6,00 2,85 4,25 3 Pass Three-Late 1
Kartal Aydıntepe 7,00 3,35 5,00 3 Pass Three-Late 1
İçmeler Gebze 7,75 3,50 5,40 4 Pass Three-Late 1

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  • Gebze - Halkalı (First train 06.00)
  • Gebze - Halkalı (Last train 22.15)
  • Halkalı - Gebze (First train 06.00)
  • Halkalı - Gebze (Last train 22.00)
  • Söğütlüçeşme - Zeytinburnu (First train 06.01)
  • Sogutlucesme - Zeytinburnu (Last train 23.59)
  • Zeytinburnu - Söğütlüçeşme (First train 05.50)
  • Zeytinburnu - Söğütlüçeşme (Last train 23.19)

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Until 2, 2013 suburban train sets with a total of 38 wagons, 10 of which consisted of 12 wagons and 5 of which consisted of 440 wagons, were imported from South Korea. 50 sets of only 586 wagons of the sets with a total cost of 5 million dollars, were put into service in 12 with the commissioning of the suburban part between Ayrılıkçeşme Kazlıçeşme. Since it is not available, it could not be put into service. The sets received in 2013 are still kept idle in Haydarpaşa Station.

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Halkalı There are many transfer stops on the Gebze Metro line. Halkalı Below you can see the metro lines and stops that you will transfer via Gebze Metro Line:

  • Halkalı at the station M1B Yenikapı-Halkalı metro line transfer
  • M9 İkitelli-Ataköy metro line transfer at Ataköy station
  • M3 Bakırköy-Başakşehir metro line transfer at Bakırköy station
  • M1A Yenikapı-Atatürk Airport transfer at Yenikapı station
  • M1B Yenikapı-Kirazlı and M2 Yenikapı-Hacıosman metro lines transfers at Yenikapı Station
  • T1 at Sirkeci station Kabataş- Bağcılar tramway line and sea transfers
  • M4 at Eylul Fountain station KadıköyTransfer of metro line with salt
  • M5 Üsküdar-Çekmeköy metro line transfer at Üsküdar station
  • M12 Göztepe-Ümraniye metro line transfer at Göztepe station
  • M8 Bostancı-Dudullu metro line transfer at Bostancı station
  • M10 Pendik-Sabiha Gökçen Airport metro line transfer at Pendik station
  • İçmeler at the station M4 KadıköyTransfer of metro line with salt

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High speed train passengers coming from Ankara direction can get off in Gebze and use Marmaray. In addition, a passenger from Ankara, Gebze, Pendik, Maltepe, Bostancı, Söğütlüçeşme, Bakırköy and Halkalıcan land in Marmay and transfer to Marmay.

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Marmaray trains Gebze-HalkalıBetween Gebze, trains run at 10-minute intervals with 15 sets of cars, and Maltepe-Zeytinburnu-Maltepe trains run at 10-minute intervals with sets of 8 cars. Click here for details Click here...

Halkalı In total in Gebze metro 43 stall ve Halkalı The total time between Gebze and Gebze stops is approximately 2 hours. Halkalıdeparting 115 minutes Yani 1 hours 55 minutes he can go to Gebze. From Bakırköy to Bostancı 37 minute With the departure, the travel time of Söğütlüçeşme Yenikapı is 12 minute. Access time between average stations 2,7 minutes. For details Click here...

It has the largest longest metro route in Istanbul Halkalı There are a total of 43 stops on the Gebze Metro line. While 15 of these stops are located on the European Side, the remaining 28 are on the Anatolian Side. These stops are as follows:

Halkalı, Mustafa Kemal, Kucukcekmece, Florya, Florya Aquarium, Yesilkoy, Yesilyurt, Atakoy, Bakirkoy, Yenimahalle, Zeytinburnu, Kazlicesme, Yenikapi, Sirkeci, Uskudar, Separation Fountain, Sogutlucesme, Feneryolu, Goztepe, Erenkoy, Suadiye, Bostanci, Kucukyali, Idealtepe, Sureyya Beach, Maltepe, Cevizli, Ancestors, Virgo, Eagle, Dolphin, Pendik, Kaynarca, Shipyard, Guzelyali, Aydıntepe, İçmeler, Tuzla, Çayırova, Fatih, Osmangazi, Darıca, Gebze. For details Click here...

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