Marmaray Animation Will Be Explained With Introductory Film

Marmaray Stops Map
Marmaray Stops Map

Marmaray will be explained with an animated promotional film: TCDD General Directorate had an animated film prepared that includes the promotion of Marmaray and how safe it is.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) General Directorate, including the introduction of Marmaray and animation film was prepared describing how safe it is. The animated promotional film will be broadcast on national television channels, train stations and city center billboards and trains in a short time.

According to the information received by AA correspondent, TCDD will tell Marmaray, which has been carrying 29 million passengers since its opening on 2013 October 30, and has become the indispensable part of Istanbul residents with animated films. The promotional film, presented with the slogan "Safe Travel with Marmaray", includes all the security measures in Marmaray.

"The Project of the Century" The film, which describes Marmaray with animation technique, states that the two continents are connected to each other with tubes embedded in the soil layer under the sea of ​​Marmara, and it is emphasized that the tubes do not come into contact with sea water in any way.

It is stated that Marmaray is ready for all scenarios in the film, where high capacity pumps are activated in extraordinary situations in submarine tube tunnels and the train in the tunnel is directed to the nearest station.

In the film, all lines and stations have dust, smoke, fire detection and intelligent extinguishing systems, tunnel lighting is activated automatically in emergency situations and 140 cm wide safe walkways along the tunnel line for evacuation of passengers are informed. It is stated that the passengers are directed to the emergency crossing points made of fire resistant material located at 150 meter intervals over these roads and the passengers are allowed to pass from the emergency crossing points to the other tunnel and the smoke inside can be easily evacuated with the biggest tunnel ventilation fans of the world.

Marmaray 9 earthquake ready

All the tunnels of Marmaray have been built to withstand an earthquake of magnitude 9, the introductory film underlines that the entire tunnel line was followed by the Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute on 7 day 24 hours.

In the animated movie, which is also described as there is no possibility of power outage in Marmaray, “The electrical energy of Marmaray is provided from the Asian side if the electricity on the European side is cut off from the European side. In case of emergency is engaged in Turkey's biggest 2 generator station and time is provided to complete as seamlessly "given in the statements.

Trains are followed instantly

In the film, which is told that "CBTC", which is the most used signaling system in public transportation in Marmaray in the world, by following the course of the trains instantly, it can be directly intervened in possible situations, from a fully equipped control center and system monitoring rooms in each station, It is stated that it has been inspected for 24 hours.

The film also shows that trains and stations are equipped with cameras and information systems for their safety, all kinds of scenarios are created to perform a safe evacuation in case of an emergency, and all personnel experience training and exercises. kazanis emphasized.

Marmaray's animated promotional film will soon be broadcast on national television channels, train stations and billboards and trains in city centers.


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