The locomotive hit the minibus passing through the gate (Video)

Locomotive level crossed the minibus passing through the gate: Mobese images published by the Directorate of Traffic Services of the General Directorate of Security, slammed into the minibus that wants to cross the locomotive level crossing. The high speed of the locomotive and the absence of any protective measures in the passage of the accident occurred as a result of the minibus was dragged along with the locomotive.

Uşak Çığerdede Junction accident occurred in the evening, want to pass through the minibus warning lights at night did not mind. In the meantime, the rapidly arriving locomotive wanted to pull through the level gate. The locomotive could not notice the driver of the minibus driver quickly came to the locomotive hit the van. After the accident, the minibus was dragged under the locomotive for a while. The locomotive, whose speed was not interrupted, continued. Minibus driver was seriously injured in the accident. On the other hand, there was no safety measure in the crossing. Especially in the absence of barriers that automatically shut down at the time of the trains, they invited accidents.

In Mobese images, the violations of the rules by the drivers at the intersection invitations were initiated. Images recorded by Mobese were observed to be inaccurate in many accidents. The drivers entering the intersections at extreme speed, the vehicles coming from the opposite direction late notice of accidents occurred. Many incidents resulted in injury and death of those in the vehicle.

Traffic accidents occurred in the motorbike drivers do not obey the traffic rules, he noted. Motorcyclists who violated the priority right at the intersections caused accidents. In particular, drivers do not take any protective measures on the motorcycle


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