Bridge-highway to be sold to the public

Bridges and highways will be sold to the public: Bridges and highways won by Koç and Ülker Group, but whose tender has been canceled later, will be offered to the public.
KGM Director Turhan, "legal arrangements were made for the public offering," he said. General Director of Highways (KGM) Cahit Turhan, the revenues of bridges and highways will be given to the company to be established by the Privatization Administration (PA) said. Turhan stated that necessary arrangements have been made regarding the public offering of bridges and highways and said, “Our law had previously allowed the transfer of bridges and highways together with the maintenance operation. Now, the public offering has also become tolerant. ” Expressing that the public offering of bridges and highways is under the authority of PA, Turhan said that an independent company will be established within this scope and that the structure, management and organization of the company will be determined by the PA. Turhan said that the revenues collected by the General Directorate of Highways will be given to the commercial company to be established by the PA and said: “The company will invest the VAT of the revenues to the Ministry of Finance. With the agreement between KGM and the company, some of the money collected through these roads will be given to us for the maintenance and repair of the roads. The portion that will be given to KGM will be determined by the contract and the percentage will be around 25. ”The tender for the privatization of bridges and highways was held in December 17. The 2012 consortium participated in the 25 annual privatization tender, which was granted the right of operation and the highest bid was given by Koç Holding AŞ-UEM Group Berhad-Gözde Private Equity Investment Trust Joint Stock Group. The tender was later canceled.



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