Overpass After Accident

Overpassing After Accident: Highways 7. Regional Director Mehmet Cetin, in the days before the death of a traffic accident occurring in the town of Canik Selim said they would make a bridge near the bridge.
After traffic accidents frequently occurring in Canik and Vezirköprü districts of Samsun, the highways 7. Regional Directorate intensified its activities in these districts.
Samsun Governor Hüseyin Aksoy stated that the citizens of Canik and Vezirköprü districts had a number of accidents related to the traffic accidents. Let's review them. The solutions in Canik and Vezirköprü districts are made quickly. In this sense, we will conclude our work quickly. Our goal is that our people can travel safely. Ama
Providing information on the work of the Provincial Coordination Board 7. Mehmet Çetin, the Regional Director, said: “After the accidents in Canik and Vezirköprü district, we sent our vehicles there immediately. In the district of Canik, the crash could be speed control, but it came to us about the overpass. Friends immediately started to work about it. We'il make an overpass there. The project is now being done. Speed ​​control can be done in the district of Canik, but we will make the overpass. We also evaluate it if there is a suggestion other than him Onun.


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