Why Train to the Black Sea Coast Road

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Why I should make the train to the Black Sea Coast Road: I'm often asked this question when I travel to the samsun-steep highway which is our ongoing coastal road.
The highway is a very expensive transportation. The world cost is in pursuit of cheap projects. We do not say that some do not know the road as the highway does not. We want to build a railway track at the edge of the highway which is under construction.

We will use this highway in the Black Sea region. The cost of transportation, cost, traffic congestion, speediness of the road and the shortage of the people of the Black Sea region, so we are suffering. We also live in this region. We know the distress, the suffering and the need.

We call the Black Sea coast highway urgently TRAIN ROAD. Rize, Trabzon and other neighboring cities of all the people of our region TREN way to be made. That is because the costs will be reduced and time will be saved.

But come, the people sitting in Ankara in our region of the people's ordeal and listen to the trauma of this TREN way to listen to the road do not say. Gentlemen, listen to these people and non-governmental organizations, association representatives and trade unions. In short, listen to the voice of the region and the people. People's voices are made so much as TRAIN ROAD but no one wants to hear.

When the technical experts say that TRAIN ROAD is done on the highway side, the authorities in Ankara will not disappear. Black Sea people should be relaxed, the stamen will not be filled by saying more will cut.

Transportation When transported by train, transportation costs will decrease and our people will breathe comfortably. Those who do not say okey to this project do not look at the map at all? It's a beat, gentlemen. The train comes up to Samsun and, with the help of a hand, it changes direction again and bends downwards.

The people of the Black Sea have always taken their place in the service of their land without fear of being at the forefront.
Black Sea region, which makes the citizenship service as required, can receive the paternity service that it expects from Ankara? Unfortunately, no. For years, I have been waiting for the suffering of Karadenizis, who were sentenced to road transport.
Those in Ankara can also say that. We're building them on the highway. Airplane services. The seas have an occasional ferry service. Now the train way came from, why the Black Sea people want a lot.
I would like to give brief answers to those in Ankara.

This highway does not take the road traffic. Do you know how many pounds of airline tickets? The maritime transport was encouraged at what time. Take 3-4 service after the show as a whole. Black Sea is not going to Istanbul. He's chasing after work. The train needs to be done in fast transportation.

The most convenient way of alternative road to expensive transportation is railway. The construction of our coastal road continues. Who knows the construction of the railroad track to the sea side, it is useful to know. We don't know, but we want to know.
I wonder why SAMSUN-SARP railroad connections have been on the agenda for a long time.
The realization of this railroad means connecting Asia and Europe with iron networks and providing cheaper transportation.

Our region is not only the SAMSUN-SARP rail road is not necessary.
The shortest road access connecting the Eastern Black Sea to the DOKAP and GAP is a great opportunity for our Rize. This highway is RİZE-ERZURUM highway. When the İyidere RO RO port, which is taken into the program, takes place, it is not a long process for the states to flow through Erzurum and GAP to Iran via İkizdere-İspir.

Let's not imagine the fact that the railway connection, which does not fall from the agenda of our neighboring provinces, reaches to Erzurum by following İkizdere valley upwards from İyidere.
On television, we see the technology of the mountains of thousands of meters in different countries around the world.

We have to look ahead for Rize's future. Let's not live day by day. The train route, which is being considered on Zigana, has to be found in İkizdere Valley, which is a much more convenient route, and our Rize should reach an international alternative way.

The train will pass through the İkizdere Valley which will be opened to Eastern Anatolia. Eastern Anatolia and Southeast rail at the speed we are reaching the poor, both in the first period of the republic, if we look at Turkey today he had reached the limits beyond high mountains.
With today's technique, we should implement a very beautiful railway route with this application by applying Tunnel or similar techniques to Ovit Mountain.

Rize is a corner city from heaven. Although it has been neglected for years, nothing of its natural beauty has not lost yet. Sea tourism is not a long season for our region. But we must implement tourism which is the flue-free industry by processing important tourism potential. By means of the train, which is a fast transportation means, the mountain and plateaus in the inner parts will be flooded by large masses.

Our Rize, Turkey's most expensive and eat the fruits and vegetables will benefit from the cost of shipping the product in the gap by winning in less time thanks to rapid train transport.
More importantly, the transportation of trains, which can be provided strategically with the Turkic Republics, will make mutual trade more important.

In the 1970 years, I heard from the late Ekrem Orhon himself and said that he has his biggest dream of having these projects in Iran and his region. It will not be difficult to carry the projects to İyidere RO RO Port as it happens. The great man of the projects, the late Ekrem Orhon, would very much like to have Iranian oil flow to the port of Rize. And he said it might happen one day.

I commemorate the great genius who made great efforts to build the İkizdere-Erzurum highway.

NOTE - This article was published in Zhirut Newspaper on 27 OCTOBER 2001. He didn't lose any of his importance. Since then, there have been some nice developments.
It is useful to do the TREN way I wrote in those years is still talking about today.

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