Kandıra Sapağı Closed One Week

Kandıra Sapağı closed one week: General Directorate of Highways, D-100 highway in the crossing, Kandıra Sapağı Akçakocabey Bridge in the maintenance and repair work began.
D-100 highway traffic problem in the most common place of the Kandıra Sapağı'nda opened and opened to service in March last bridge, had solved the problem. However, the bridge between the decks in the bridge, 'grout' to fill the so-called gaps in the direction of the Sakarya 1 week will remain closed. During this time the traffic will be given side by side.
Due to the maintenance and repair work on the Akçakocabey Bridge in Kandıra Bridge, traffic is provided by the side road in the direction of Sakarya. Long queues are formed especially during the evening hours and there is no traffic problem during the daytime.

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